2 steps forward, 2 steps back

It’s been pretty wet and rainy here in NC. Connery pulled two nails from a shoe so I had to wait for the farrier to come out. Friday the 4th farrier came out and resshoed Connery. He didn’t put his back shoes on because he hit a pocket on his right hoove. He was fine after showing I rode him a bit that day. Since all of the rain the horses had been cooped up in their stalls and Saturday they were let out. It was muddy in the fields. Sunday I came out to pull his mane and ride for a bit.

As soon as I took him out of the pasture I know something was off. He was lame on his back left leg and the right one had some swelling. I trotted him for the farrier to see and was told to not ride and to soak his foot.

Went out Monday for my lesson he wasn’t as bad as the day before but he was definitely not sound 100%. I walked and trotted him a bit. We noticed that he was crossing his left leg under himself and still not smooth on his right side. I soaked his foot again and gave him some bute. Hopefully today he’s better. Here are some videos I took.


Christmas Day Workout

Christmas Day I went out to the barn to show Connery all the new training stuff I got for Christmas. My little sister tagged along. She loves him as much as I do. Here is a some videos and pictures from this day.

Wearing some of his Christmas gifts as well as some of mine

Training Starts

Dec 2nd. Frist day for training has begun. Connery will be restarted to be a hunter/jumper. We are starting with the basics. Getting our w/t/c down as well as clean lead changes. He has picked up everything very easily. He can do flying lead changes. He’s a bit rusty on the right since he was always going left when being trained for the track. I have him on a German Martingale to keep his head down and in a good position. He was tossing his head on some practice riders so it has worked out great.

Day 1
Day 1

So far so good and I’m loving ever moment of this journey. Here are some videos as well as just some photos.

Second Day Home

On the second day home I noticed that Connery’s back leg was swollen and he had a chip on his toe. We had our vet come out and after many x-rays, and a nerve block they figured out he had to have hurt himself on the ride home.

The tip of his toe he had jammed something in it causing the pain and swelling. The vet had to cut out as much of his hoof wall to get to whatever was on there. I had to soak his foot daily for about 3 weeks to get the infection out. The farrier came out after the last x-ray showed no sings of infection and put a shoe on to support the hoof.

This was a scary time for me since it took a long time to figure out what it was and to rule out it wasn’t anything wrong with the leg it self.

Here are some of the photos of the before and after.

Taking x-rays

Soaking time
Start to finish

Our Journey

My journey with Connery “Casino Royale” started on Aug 18th when we bought him home. I’ve always dreamed of owning and training my own horse. Connery is a 3yr OTTB bay 16.2 and growing. My plan is the train him to be a hunter/jumper. 

 He was raced once at Gulfstream Park finshing 7th and winning 140.00. To say the least he just wasn’t made to be a race horse. He has a puppy dog demeanor and a great brain for a 3yr old. 

We are entering the 2019 Thoughbred makeover. I will be documenting our journey as we go. https://vimeo.com/306682926